Affordable Fashion from a Luxury Brand: How SMADA are Rising to the Top of the Fashion Scene


Bold, Sophisticated & Beyond: the Future of Affordable luxury brands


Two trends have been clashing on the fashion scene since 2010: Minimalism and vibrancy. While both have their merits and shortfalls, they are equal in battle. So equal, if fact, that they’ve finally decided to share the throne and become the fashion power couple they were destined to be. While we spotted them on fashion week catwalks from Milan to New York, it’s in up-and-coming designer brands that the trend is most dynamic and exciting. 




In 2008, SMADA founded by Katisha and Krystle Adams from Oakland Ca, is at the forefront of the movement. They have combined the inherent chicness of streamlined minimalism and elevated it with solid, full-hearted colours for a casual-chic collection that are the epitome of modern-day designer luxury. In their own words, “SMADA is embarking on becoming the next best fashion and affordable luxury brand.” If they maintain their finger on the pulse of the rapidly developing fashion scene alongside their dedication to quality, we have no doubt they will. SMADA offer a range of luxury handbags, backpacks, accessories, sling bags, glasses, and slides. 


Where do They Fit in the Luxury Brand World?


Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors have famously dominated the “affordable fashion by a luxury brand” market. It would be tempting to add SMADA as a member of the family.


SMADA follows in the footsteps of brands before them, such as Gucci and Miu Miu, with their keen dedication to using only the finest materials and premium threads in their products. Moreover, their pieces, from backpacks to sunglasses, are clearly the result of carefully executed, expert craftmanship, hard at work on design blueprints that are masterminded for not only style but also function. 


Fantastic Designs and Expert Execution


Taking one of their bestsellers, the Lithograph Backpack, for example. The sleek bag, upon first glance, is a solid and robust piece. Upon further inspection, the outside pocket comes into view, lined with a glistening gold zipper that’s as reliable as it is opulent. Looking beyond the pocket, your eyes will be treated to the “rugged” appearance of leather that denotes quality. Going further still, the adjustable straps feature a gold buckle that just adds to the careful detailing of the popular piece. Like a dust bag over the bag are several SMADA motifs that elevate the stylish backpack’s branded status. Zipping open the main section of the bag reveals a spacious compartment that can hold laptops, books, and beyond. And to finish, once again maintaining their casual yet luxurious essence, the bag can be carried over the shoulder or in hand.


Trendy & Timeless


Interestingly, while there is a rather timeless feel to their pieces, they undoubtedly belong to the family of modern luxury wear. These are pieces that would be sported by the likes of Hailey Bieber or Kendall Jenner for their classic stylishness. There’s also an element of coolness that runs through every one of their collections that’s elevated by slight detailing’s that add up to subtly extravagant pieces. In other words, SMADA seem to be experts in creating the quintessential “statement” piece that doesn’t overwhelm or veer into “gaudy” territory.


A Look into Their Collection


Their Lisette Sunglasses are a perfect example of this elegant “vogueness” that’s rather laid-back yet somehow incredibly bold and eye-catching. The sunglasses are striking in their right-on-trend industrial design. Even more captivating still are the “empty-space” frames that are entirely one-of-a-kind and at the cutting edge of fashion. Alongside these sunglasses are their more classic counterpart, the SMADA AD Aviators. They follow the iconic sunglass style with strikingly sharp, oversized square lenses that are right on trend. Both accessories are stamped with the signature SMADA logo, giving them a branded edge.


However, their dominating collection is no doubt that of their varied luxurious bags that come in many designs and colours. The spacious bag is embossed, and hand stitched with leather as a canvas. The luxury bag mimics a tote bag in that it has the capacity to handle items like laptops, cosmetic bags, and even a SMADA-branded organizer. The bag features top glass handles and a shoulder strap for more support, making it a sustainable fashion option. Moreover, their Lithograph Sling Bag offers a more causal-chic, day-to-day look that’s crafted from premium materials and has enough compartments to hold all of your possessions and keep them safe. 


Making Luxury Accessible


Perhaps one of the most compelling and attractive aspects of this exciting new luxury brand is that their collections are entirely ready-to-wear. Should you wish to pop into the office or are planning on heading out for a cocktail date, the spectacularly subtle yet bold essence of SMADA pieces can do it all. 


They mention they design their products for the uncompromised, remarkable, and rewarding, which appears to be true from a simple glance at their collections. An overall boldness is underpinned by a foundation of sophistication and elegance that’s the makings of any statement piece.  


Revolutionizing the Fashion Industry


Nonetheless, despite the high quality of their collections, they still remain reasonably priced. In fact, some SMADA pieces verge on high-street prices.


SMADA is blazing a trail that we hope to see other modern luxury fashion brands follow. They’re offering the luxury experience at affordable fashion prices to the youth, essentially acting as a gateway for younger generations into the designer world. However, at the core of it is a dedication to fashion that doesn’t whisper. Instead, it wants to be seen, heard, appreciated, and admired. Whenever you sport a SMADA piece, you’re guaranteed to have eyes on you. 


If you’d like to welcome the best the current fashion scene has to offer, SMADA’s 2023 collection is currently available on their site Uniquely, you can directly ask questions and make inquiries about products on the site. Many of their luxury pieces are ethically sourced and sustainable, meaning you can shop consciously without sacrificing on style.  


March 14, 2023