SMADA is embarking on becoming the next best affordable luxury brand. These collections are farfetched, unique and built for the uncompromised, remarkable and the rewarding person. SMADA unique fashions and trends are BOLD enough to make a statement in fashion. SOPHISTICATED enough to still be called luxury and BEYOND its measures which makes our collection stand out from the rest. SMADA is fashion and it's my passion to make these unique, iconic and creative collections of purses, clothing and accessories accessible to all. SMADA is a librating accessory line that expresses more than fashion it's expressing art. whether its a night or a date, our collections is here to make sure you're the statement piece in the room. A luxury bag from SMADA will put the bold, sophisticated and beyond! person back in fashion.

CEO- Founder & Co-Founder
Katisha Adams - Krystle Adams


Bold Collection

Stay unique ,trendy and standout from the ordinary with SMADA Bold collections.  

Sophisticated Collection

Explore the sophisticated collection by SMADA. These embossed elegance piece's give an... 

Beyond Collection

Styles that’s give us a unique feel mixed with sophistication but beyond... 

The Affordable Luxury Brand

  • Sunglasses

    Discover the collection of unique designer sunglasses by SMADA.

  • Shoes

    Explore the latest fashion in SMADA's footwear. Shop our iconic and trendy collection.

  • Accessories

    Our Iconic, sophisticated and ready to wear collection of accessories will fit any occasion.

  • Backpacks

    Explore the fine collection of SMADA's signature logo or fine leather with in our casual apparel.

  • Travel

    This collection is an innovation of fashion- forward statement pieces and distinctive iconic styles to bring in for any weekend getaway.