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Your bag is amazing , stylish and very trendy love the sling bag

Cocoa Brown, Runway 7

An Amazing collection to have on the runway the Embossed SMADA tote stole the show what an amazing accessory brand .


Love these shades stylish, durable and sleek. SMADA is truly a luxury brand.


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This bag is truly amazing saw it at Sactown Collab and purchased. Brought the S Cross bag for a trip to Miami and I can tell you people were amazed.

Gee, Black Business Clique

I strongly recommend SMADA it's a great luxury brand. I purchased a couple of handbags and accessories. Because I'm a business owner my favorite is the Sling bag and Backpack .I loooove this Brand .

LC Body Fragrances

Check out SMADA it's a luxury brand with amazing hand bags and accessories

Trina #therockstarr

Saw SMADA on instagram and had to check it out my self and I'm telling you the brand didn't disappoint. love my purchase. The quality is amazing the organizer is really a plus and the handbag is my everyday accessory what an experience shop the experience.


The Classic Le'nette is a must have grab this trendy and stylish bag today what an experience

Nida, online shopper

I can't get over the lithograph bag . OMG!!! I love that my hand bag came with a free organizer. Grab yours today you will be amazed.

Kanishia Selfless Sips & Tips

Saw this bag on the runway in New York. It's very beautiful, stylish and unique. Love it.

Rebecca Runway7

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We are a small, independent team united by a core belief in doing everything the right way.

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SMADA results demonstrate that customers consistently feel delighted and satisfied with their purchases, as evidenced by high ratings in customer satisfaction surveys, glowing testimonials, and repeat business, reflecting the exceptional quality, reliability, and value offered by SMADA products and services.

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Who is SMADA?

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Katisha and Krystle Adams, two sisters fueled by their shared passion for fashion, embarked on the journey to create SMADA, an affordable luxury brand. Convinced that luxury should not be synonymous with exorbitant prices, they envisioned a brand that would bring the opulence of high-end fashion within reach for everyone. With a combined experience of a decade in the retail industry, their venture wasn't just a leap of faith but a calculated stride into the world of accessible elegance.

These visionary sisters, Katisha and Krystle, poured their creativity and expertise into crafting a brand that transcends the conventional boundaries of fashion affordability. SMADA emerged as a testament to their unwavering belief that the experience of luxury should be inclusive, extending beyond the elite few to embrace a wider audience. Their dedication to democratizing fashion luxury sparked a revolution in the industry, challenging the notion that sophistication comes at a prohibitive cost.

In the realm of SMADA, each stitch tells a story of passion and perseverance, as the sisters weave together a tapestry of style and accessibility. The brand's ethos resonates in every fabric, every design, echoing the mantra that fashion should be a celebration attainable by all. As the sisters navigate the dynamic landscape of trends and consumer expectations, their commitment to delivering the SMADA experience remains unshaken.

A decade in the retail industry has honed their instincts, allowing Katisha and Krystle to curate collections that marry elegance with affordability seamlessly. The SMADA journey is not just a testament to the sisters' entrepreneurial spirit but a reflection of their mission to redefine the boundaries of luxury, inviting everyone to indulge in the allure of high-end fashion without the burden of an extravagant price tag.